Based in Sydney, Australia

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August 2014


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Keep It Together

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I am a solo developer working on games in my spare time. I try to make games that explore interactivity in unique but suitable ways, expressing the concept through the player and controls as much as the story and visuals.


Early history

My first foray into game development was in school, playing around in Game Maker on the library computers. My friends and I would make tiny games to impress each other, so I began to experiment more with complex logic, creating screensavers, art programs, and even a (bad) fluid simulation game. As time went on my interest in game development grew, as I tried to complete any project I could by making a game for it. Eventually, while playing Ratchet and Clank, I realised real people had made the games I'd played, and decided I'd be one of those people. I looked on the Insomniac website, checked the available positions, and started to research the requirements for different roles to see which path might suit me best. This research would inform my decisions through the end of highschool and into university, where I found I had a knack for programming and game design. I took these skills and worked on them, taking a game development unit that culminated in a small game for its final project - it was buggy, but I was proud, and it solidified my desire and reinforced my confidence.

After that

I worked my first paid gamedev job after succeeding in my game development unit and impressing the tutor and lecturer. They were working on an educational game, got a grant, and ended up hiring me over the break to learn their project and make some code for it. Towards the end of university, I started up my online presence, learning about the practical side of gamedev from more experienced folks on reddit and twitter. Over the years I released a few small experiments and projects, until May 21, 2016 when I released PhaSMM, a small investigation game with indirect narrative, and also my first game with a price tag. Since then, I've released Eventual Pong and "I must reach the top" for free, and am currently working on my next title, Keep It Together.



Trailer for PhaSMM YouTube


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