You are a coat full of rats with social anxiety, and you are pretending to be human. Talk to the people around you, but try not to upset them - Every social misstep stresses you; too much stress and you'll be playing finger twister on your keyboard just to survive. Each person is generated with a personality, a name, and a face. The more you talk to them, the better you'll get to know them, and the less you'll hopefully tread on their toes. Just do whatever you can to stop the coat bursting open.


I started working on Keep It Together in December of 2016, just after releasing I must reach the top. I realised I had the ability to effectively turn my experiences with anxiety into games that anyone could parse, and decided to start on another that would also be fun to play in its own right. The concept came quickly - talking to people while physically straining to maintain the semblance of humanity, a feeling I'm well acquainted with. I experimented with some art styles, but ended with something fairly geometric as, frankly, I'm not much of an artist. I've since been working on the game in my spare time outside of my full-time employment, adding content and polish.


  • Simple gameplay with surprising tension and depth
  • Charming paper cutout aesthetic and a pretty pastel palette
  • Playfully quirky soundtrack
  • Find-Your-Face mode that creates a person from your name
  • Immediately understandable representation of social anxiety and stress